Understanding floors. Optimising logistics.

Floor Dynamics is a technology company with expertise in applied software and modelling for large-scale concrete floors.

The flooring industry strives to create the flattest possible floors; and the distribution industry focuses on moving at speed across them. However, with our experience of industrial flooring we know that coveted ‘superflat’ floors are hard to achieve; and the surface of even the best floors can deteriorate over time, which compromises vehicular movement.

Floor Dynamics measures the floor to sub-millimetre precision and, using bespoke software, dynamically adjusts vehicle movement accordingly to optimise the interface between the floor and MHE. The result is a smoother, more efficient automated warehouse operation.

A part of RCR Industrial Flooring

Floor Dynamics is part of a larger organisation, RCR Industrial Flooring. RCR comprises specialist flooring companies from across the globe, which together provide clients with a start-to-finish industrial flooring service. For more information visit www.rcrindustrialflooring.com.

Floor Dynamics belongs to the RCR Flooring Services division of RCR. This division provides industrial flooring consultancy, including design, testing, issue resolution, maintenance and repair.

Floor Dynamics is headquartered in the UK, with a strong international presence which can serve clients in every continent.